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BOSS 'SEE' is a character that publicizes and raises awareness about Land Mindz's mission through various community engagement events. He stars in local and national stage plays, as well as comedy shows. He will also star in the UPCOMING movie, "Redempshun Road," which is based off Shelton Land's hit stage play, "Road 2 Redempshun" set to hit theatres Winter 2013. BOSS 'SEE' character is also affilated with Imperial Alliance Media and I SEE YOU STUDIOS corporations.

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Project_HelpHELP Changes (formerly Project Help) is designed to help returning citizens of incarceration and homelessness reconnect with their families, community and reach obtainable and sustainable personal and professional goals. The program provides various supportive services and resources couple with use of performing arts as therapy and opportunites to explore, rehearse and develop unrecognized talent.  Program participants enter voluntarily or are referred by local churches, community corrections, parterning  organizations or Land Mindz affiliates.

The components and beliefs that make the program successful are: 

*Supportive services give participants a sense of hope while in the midst of transition and performing art helps participants feel relaxed, renewed and a viable part of society

*Participants, professionals, and prominent community stakeholders work side-by-side in an empowering and balanced enviroment that produce postivity and a sense of wellbeing. 

*Life Coaches help individuals develop pesonal, professional and financial plans to successfully achieve and sustain balance, which provides additional sense of support and hope. 

*Having established partnerships with other solution providers in the community help provide a variety of direct wrap-around services to participants

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  • BOSS 'SEE'

Land Mindz, Inc.

Land Mindz,Inc is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that create opportunites through theatre and performing arts. We provide counseling and resource information to at-risk individuals and/or families in the midst of transition; primarily returning citizens of incarceration, chronic homelessness and substance abuse.

Our mission is to build confidence, promote self-sufficiency and empower at-risk people in the midst of transition through theatre and performing art.

Land Mindz Inc, was founded on February 10, 2005. The organization became officially recognized as a federal 501(c) 3 non-profit public charity December 2005. The organization’s Founder/President is Shelton Land.

H.E.L.P. Changes (formerly Project Help) is a program that provides different levels of supportive services coupled with utilizing performing art as theraputic tool with returning ctizens of incarceration and homelessness. It is designed to enhance leadership development, obtain and sustain a viable livelihood, and offer opportunities to explore, rehearse, and perfect urecognized or under-appreciated talents. The program is also a platform to help build and strengthen community & personal relationships, lessen social exclusion, and expose hidden talent in the community. In addition, the program offers counseling around life improvement, self-image/confidence,  and emotional, behavioral & spiritual well being.

Our performing art worskshops include:

  • Drama/Theatre
  • Poetry/Written Thoughts 
  • Public Speaking
  • Production
  • Dance
  • Music

Our Life Coaching/Counseling services include:

  • Developing Personal/Professional Growth Plan
  • Stress Management
  • Emotional & Behavorial decision Making & problem solving
  • Spirtual Well -being
  • Relationship building 
  • Financial Planning 

Our performing art and counseling programs our tailored for retrning citizens of incarceration and homelessness, but are also OPENED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC.           For more information  CLICK HERE!

Once a Month, we also provide information sessions around Restoration of Rights, and Starting A Business


Social "Interprize" Partnership is an initiative where Land Mindz partners with individuals, church/social groups or clubs, small businesses, and corporations in their fundraising efforts.  We assist the groups with incorporating the arts and giving individuals from under-served communities a chance to participate in a community fundraising event.  This provide both parties an opportunity to build and strenghten community relationships, create a grand networking affair and accomplish a worthy goal; while successfully raising funds that are specifically utilized for services geared toward a community cause.    

How IT works:

  1. Purpose of fundraiser must be: (a) geared toward a community cause or underserved population where cultural arts are lacking, or (b) for a future or current program which/will offer services to a under-served communities or target population that focuses on improving the community through social entreprenuership or leadership development.
  2. Goal(s) must be realistic and measurable
  3. Must sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that outline details of partnership (MOA provided by Land Mindz) 

All our fundraising events are cost effective, and assist with strengthening community relationships and tailored around the artistic platform. Our track record of success comes from providing ALL individuals in the community multiple opportunites to make PRICELESS connections. 

For in-depth information contact us via email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ( subject line: SIP)

or call (866) 868-4557.

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